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The year of 2017

the decoration of the new office building of Jingta is started,the plan of staff’s training and growth is carried out, and the Aid education project is sustainabl developing.

The year of 2016

Jingta group set up Shanghai、 Qingdao branch company.Chairman was elected the vice president of Women's Chamber of Commerce of Shandong Province, and the executive director of Jinan Foreign Investment Association and wins the honorary title of March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter of the city women's federation. Jingta group is awarded the banner of alleviate poverty and aid education,warm Zhanhua by the women's Federation of Zhanhua area, Binzhou city.

The year of 2015

Jingta annual meeting was held in Sanya;in the same year, Jingta opened a new chapter of group structure operation and management. Also in the same year, Jingta group was awarded one banner of Enthusiastic public welfare,Aid education by the 7th meeting of Shandong Aid education, and honored Aid education,Dedicate love by Liaocheng,Heze,Laiwu, Linyi revolutionary old area etc.

The year of 2014

the Women Workers' Committee of Jingta is established,female workers have a sweet family.

The year of 2013

Jingta "Thanksgiving ten years" ,the 10th anniversary celebration of Jingta was held in lijiang, yunnan province. reviewed Jingta ten years, started an enterprise hard arduously and made brilliant achievements; Looking to the future, the new decade journey will be firmly stepped by Jingta.

The year of 2012

Jingta Beijing company was established, "gather Jingta wisdom, create international brand" to be listed in the strategic development plan of Jingta;In the same year, chairman Ms. Li Jing was re-elected to a deputy to the municipal people's congress.

The year of 2011

Jingtai,Umetal, the China iron and steel association, the CCCMC co-hosted the "2011 the fifth China steel original fuel market peak BBS", Jingta brand was highly recognized by the industry.

The year of 2010

after years of summarizing and refining, the enterprise’s culture developed a complete system and characteristics of jingta;The group moved to CBD Zhongrun century square.

The year of 2009

chairman Ms. Li Jing was elected as a representative of the municipal people's congress, a municipal administrative efficiency supervisor,and a director of the shandong women's entrepreneurs association.

The year of 2008

Chairman Ms. Li Jing was named "the impact of Shandong economic women";In the same year, company organized donations many times for wenchuan earthquake.

The year of 2007

Jinta invested in securities companies and commercial Banks.

The year of 2006

Jingta stepped into the investment field and developed into a comprehensive company integrating metallurgical raw materials, steel processing, trade and investment.In this year, Jingta was rated as one municipal advanced enterprise.

The year of 2005

Jingta started the international trade business in Jinan, rated as one credit enterprises by the big four Banks, rated as one credit enterprises by the big four banks, shareholding banks and local banks, became a key supporting client for the banks.the same year Chairman Ms. Li Jing won the women's labor medal.

The year of 2004

Jingta was awarded as a star raw material supplier by Jinan iron &steel group.

The year of 2003

Jingta group was established in Laiwu city shandong province, principally engaged in the trade of bulk commodities,to be a strategic partner of Baosteel.

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