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     Solar cycle, man and nature are integrated. 

     No matter of wind and rain, we struggle to walk.

     Since Jingta group found, we have been insisting in the core values of adaptability,

     innovation,passion and collaboration, practicingthe management concept of win-win 

     cooperation and harmoniousdevelopment,and observing the 6 examples of unity,

     learning,innovation, dedication,responsibility,probity,so that we can created today's

     Jingta group, and it also guides tomorrowand the future ofJingta group.

     With the times’ progress, market’s changes, enterprise’s development, as an enterprise

     group with growth and core competitiveness,Jingta group which isbased in jinan, has 

     set up everal holding companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

At the same time of group’s development, we have never forgot the Jingta mission of appreciating forever, rewarding society,

and we take part in charity workwith enthusiastic. We have establishedan organization which calls Aid Education, until now,

we have funded hundreds of poor studentsfrom all over the province. For Jingta group, trying our best to help more poor 

students continue their study and feedback the society, it is the long-term plan of Aid Education.

With the support and care  from all walks of life that we have today's achievements and confidence,and we will step stronger 

and stronger.I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the newand old friends in the social circles who gave us warm 

support and friendly assistance to Jingta group.

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